Ways to Practice Self Love!

Hello You! Do you know how amazing you are and that you are very special? There is no one else in this world like you and you deserve to be loved not only by those around you but also by the most important person in your life - YOU. Practicing self-love can be challenging especially when we face obstacles in life and it can be viewed as being self-absorbed, but on the contrary it is more about being in touch with ourselves, our own well-being and creating our own inner peace and happiness.

There is a saying - "Treat those as you wish to be treated yourself" and most of us live by this, so why wouldn't we use this approach when it comes to ourselves? There are many ways that you can treat yourself with love and kindness and we'd love to share these with you to get yourself started. So.....do yourself a favour, take a deep breath, give yourself a hug and each day try and practice the following:


1. Self Affirmation - Tell yourself something positive, like how well you handled a situation, how lovely you look today or reassure yourself that you are going to have an amazing and happy day.

2. Believe in yourself - there can be at times that little inner voice that will self-criticize trying to keep us safe. Have confidence and belief that you can do amazing things.

3. Don't compare yourself with others - You are unique and there is no one else on this planet like you. Everyone is different and the only person you need to compare yourself to is YOU!

4. Self-Reflection - Sometimes it’s good to be in our own company where you can sit quietly with no distractions  and reflect on all the wonderful things you have in your life and further plans you have to move towards your dreams and goals. Find one thing each day to be grateful for - it sometimes helps to put things into perspective.

5. Get in touch with your inner dialogue - if it’s anything less than loving, encouraging and supportive, it’s time to make a change. You deserve to be spoken to in the same way you would speak to your best friend, sister, brother, daughter, or son.

6. Embrace your individuality – Embrace, celebrate and love the things that make you different. these are what makes you special.

7. Forgive yourself - You know that thing you did one time, or maybe a few times that made you feel bad, embarrassed or ashamed? It’s time to let that go. You can’t change the things you have done in the past, but you can control your future. Look at it as a learning experience and believe in your ability to change.


1. Fill your body with nourishing energy - allow your physical body to thrive by providing yourself with a healthy lifestyle. It's ok to splurge every now and then where you can enjoy an array of food along with a good balanced diet. Your body will thank you.

2. Learn to love the skin you're in and take good care of it - It is easy to get caught up in an image-based world where we are led to believe our bodies must look a certain way. Each body type is different and sometimes requires harder work to keep in shape than others, and that's ok. Move that gorgeous body of yours, as regular exercise is great, not only for your physical health but also for your mind. Even if it is only a brisk 10-30 min walk, every little bit counts. 

3. Challenge yourself - step outside your comfort zone and try something new. It's an amazing feeling when we achieve what we thought was impossible.

4. Celebrate your wins - no matter how significant they are, give yourself credit and be proud of what you have achieved.

5. Calm your mind - Take time out each day to rest your mind. Some people use meditation or prayer but regardless of the methods you use, just taking a few minutes out of your day to breath and clear your mind of thoughts is good for achieving a healthy state of mind.

6. Be patient and persistent - "Rome wasn't built in a day" and self-love is ever evolving. It’s something that needs to be practiced daily but can take a lifetime to master. So be kind and support yourself through the hard times.

7. Follow your passion - Discover things that get you excited and keep doing them

8. Treat others with kindness - with love and respect for each other the world would be an amazing place. Some people may not return the favour in kind but that is ok, as long as you can say that you displayed your best self that is what matters.

9. Surround yourself with positive people - who love and encourage you. Let them remind you just how amazing you are and reach out to them when you feel you need help or support.

10. Express yourself - find a way to express yourself. It could be a creative outlet such as music, art, writing or even gardening anything that allows you to express yourself and your emotions.

11. Practice random acts of kindness - paying it forward to others can make us feel a sense of purpose and just the smallest act of kindness can sometimes mean the world to someone in need. Perhaps make a coin donation or volunteer your time to your local charity.

12. Spoil yourself - take time out regularly to do the things you enjoy doing or that make you feel amazing

13. Let go of control - there are some situations in life that are totally out of our control. What you can control is how you perceive and handle them. Try your best to use a positive approach to a negative situation.

14. Self-growth - it's important to know who you are and be you through all of life's experiences, but it's also ok to learn and change - it allows us to grow and become a better version of ourselves.

Finally, enjoy your incredible life and have fun being the amazing person you are.

*If you feel you need help or support, please contact Lifeline Australia on 13 11 14 (available 24 hours, 7 days a week)