Kick Start Your Passion with PartyLite

Who Is PartyLite?

PartyLite is known for creating the World's finest fragrances that is shared through our online community and powered by people that are passionate about PartyLite fragrances.
We love what we do and we want you to love it too and with PartyLite being one of Australia's respected Direct-Selling businesses, success starts with great relationships in person and in the digital world. In recent times the world has gone through significant challenges and here at PartyLite we have ensured to adapt to those changes to support your continuing business success.
As a PartyLite Affiliate, success falls directly into your hands where you can choose when, where and how you want to run your business that suits your lifestyle and business goals, and now as times have changed we've made it more accessible for your customers to purchase direct by providing you with your own individual e-commerce website where you can share everything you love about PartyLite with family and friends through online and digital platforms and receive income from your sales. Plus, as an Affiliate you will receive a 20% discount on your own personal purchases and plenty of rewards and incentives to recognise your sales achievements.
At Partylite, it’s our mission to support all our Affiliate Entrepreneurs around the world reach success. We pride ourselves in providing training and social support to assist all our Affiliates along the way to achieve their individual goals.

Our History

Unlike so many direct selling companies, we’ve been established for a long time. In the early 1900s, Mabel Baker set up the business. Today, we continue in the spirit of Mabel, helping people achieve their dreams of running their own business. We’re now the world’s leading direct selling home fragrance and home styling accessories company. Today we have tens of thousands of Affiliates with businesses all over the world. We’re global.


Flexible Selling

As a PartyLite Affiliate, you are your own boss so you can choose your hours. Work just a few hours a week or full-time. It’s up to you. Or do one week on and one week off. What would best suit your life? You’re in charge. With our new online selling platform you can sell anywhere anytime.

Work-Life Balance

The beauty of being your own boss is that you can decide what is the perfect work-life balance for you. For you, it might be days with the kids and evenings sharing online.

Online Training at Home

With our business online training development such as PartyLite TV, Affiliates Facebook Community, BOOST Events and Online Resource Centre you can do all your business training online and at home from your phone, tablet or PC. Slot it in while your toddler’s down for a nap or on your lunch break at work. Wherever you are all your tips and training guides are easily accessible, plus you can also track your earnings as you go.

We’re Social

It’s always more enjoyable to buy something from someone you know, but now even easier to gain more customers or Affiliates with your digital platforms where you can reach a bigger customer base with social media channels. It's really up to you, arrange a get together with family and friends, focus primarily selling online or do a mixture of both, the choice and the flexibility is yours.

We’re Responsible

We foster a culture that promotes environmental sustainability in our quality products and in everyday business life. We also love supporting charities around the world with the sale of our chosen charity products.

Quality Products

Using our 100 years of experience, we craft the best candles. Safe, clean-burning and long-lasting, our fragrances have the best ingredients with a large range of scents to suit all palates. We also create beautiful, high-quality accessories to enhance the candlelight of our fragrances. You could say our products are so good they sell themselves.

We’re a Community

We pride ourselves in creating a network of Affiliates in a positive environment where you can share ideas, get advice, ask questions and support each other. We’re proud of our supportive community as it’s made up of amazing like-minded people, meaning it’s easy to start and build a team. The PartyLite fragrances and business opportunity attract people naturally. We’re all #HappyPartyLitePeople.

Incredible Rewards

We offer great product promotions and monthly sales and social recognition awards for all our Affiliates. And with 20% off your own personal purchases it's easy to showcase our amazing products to assist in the marketing and selling the world of PartyLite.

We Believe in You

Our Affiliates get much more than just a great income, they discover a new sense of purpose and the confidence to achieve their dreams.

How to Get Started

Congratulations, you’ve decided to join the PartyLite Family and signing up is so easy. Simply head to our Join Our Team page, fill in your details, pay our low annual registration fee, choose your fragrance and business bundles and you’re all set to go. Don’t forget to like our Facebook & Instagram Pages and once you have your Affiliate ID, join our Affiliate Group Facebook Page where you can access our PartyLite Online Community. Also, join up for our Candle Connection where we send you details about our great offers, tips on styling and fragrance with our blogs and much more.

Welcome! We wish you all the success in the world!