PartyLite’s Guide to Flameless Fragrance

If you’re looking for an alternative way to fragrance your home without the need for flames and candles, at PartyLite we have the six perfect flameless forms that bring style and stunning scents to your home. Whatever your favourite PartyLite aroma, here are the perfect flameless products for you to enjoy wherever you are in the world.

BeBalanced by PartyLite™ Essential Oil + Pure Fragrance

BeBalanced by PartyLite™ Essential Oil + Pure Fragrance

BeBalanced by PartyLite™ is a way to enjoy a unique range of PartyLite fragrances that will transform your mood, whether you want to relax, centre, uplift, unwind or be at peace. Use these essential oils with our chic Ultrasonic Diffuser wherever your ideal sanctuary is at home, whether that’s your living room, bathroom or bedroom.

How to use: BeBalanced by PartyLite™ Ultrasonic Diffuser

  1. Add water and drops of oil: 
  • 300ml water + 10 – 12 drops oil = 6 hours
  • 150ml water + 6 – 8 drops oil = 3+ hours
  • 80ml water + 3 – 4 drops oil = 1.5+ hours
  1. Plug it in and your fragrance will begin to diffuse!
  2. The timer lets you set a turn-off time and there’s an automatic shut-off when water is low.
  3. Enjoy up to 6 hours of balancing fragrances.

BeBalanced by PartyLite is our newest range of fragranced essential oils, each with their own distinctive mood-enhancing properties. Available as bottles of separate fragrances or as our special Daily Energy + Positivity and Daily Calm + Relaxation Samplers.

Our BeBalanced range will enhance your mood with fragrances designed to be used alone, or mixed however you choose. Our Diffuser plugs in and turns the water and BeBalanced Essential Oils into a cool, fragrant mist and is ideal for the bigger rooms at home. This is a process that we call atomizing, which uses ultrasonic technology.

Our  range comes in a variety of scents: Laid Back Lavender, Happy Mandarin, Cozy Up Vanilla, Center Me Cedarwood, Energizing Eucalyptus, Pampering Patchouli, Joyous Jasmine and Pick Me Up Peppermint. 

If you want a unique PartyLite fragrance experience, prepare to fall in love with the BeBalanced collection.

PartLite ScentPlus Wax Melts

Scent Plus® Wax Melts

Luxury home fragrances that are made to be mixed to create your signature scent, the PartyLite Scent Plus® Wax Melts are a set of aromas designed to be enjoyed for your home. They are ideal for smaller rooms such as bathrooms to turn bath time into spa time or you could use our After Dark™ collection to unlock your sensual side in the bedroom. Although other wax melts require a flame to burn, ours only require heat, so when they’re warmed using one of our stylish range of ScentGlow® Warmers, they melt to create a completely even and safe scent distribution. 

How to use

  1. Set up your PartyLite ScentGlow® Warmer on a flat surface.
  2. Ensure that the top dish is clean.
  3. Break up your Scent Plus® Wax Melt to ensure an even melt and fragrance distribution. We recommend popping two or three cubes into the dish for optimum fragrance throw.
  4. Turn on your ScentGlow Warmer.
  5. Enjoy hours of long lasting fragrance!
  6. When you’re finished with your warmer, or when the wax has burned off all of its fragrance, turn off the warmer.
  7. Remove the wax and get ready to add your next fabulous fragrance to the Warmer.

Scent Plus® Wax Melts come as small fragranced wax trays, designed to be broken into nine separate pieces and gently heated to release their aromas. We recommend using two or three pieces at a time to offer you up to 60 hours of indulgent fragrance.

The beauty of Scent Plus® Wax Melts is that they are perfect for customising different PartyLite fragrances to create your Signature Scent. So whether you’re into floral, fruity or fresh scents, you can layer your favourite fragrance combination to scent your home however you like. 

Scent Plus Melts come in a huge range of PartyLite’s exclusive fragrances, including our range of Fresh Home by PartyLite™ odour-neutralising scents and our indulgent After Dark collection, including Cashmere Cassis, Amber Suede and Velvet Plum.

Go and get 60 hours of flame-free luxury for your home thanks to our Scent Plus® Wax Melts and matching stylish ScentGlow Warmers.

PartyLite SmartScents Fragrance Sticks


If you love the look of our stylish Garden Incense sticks and want to enjoy them safely indoors, our SmartScents™ are an innovative form that offer round-the-clock fragrance with a customisable intensity for 30 days. Thanks to our varied range of Holders, you can enjoy SmartScents however you like around the home: as a standalone display, alongside beautiful memories with our SmartScents PhotoFrame or even keeping your favourite books upright with our SmartScents Bookends. If you love your SmartScents like we do, take them with you on the go thanks to our GoSmart™ Mobile Fragrance Holder where you can divide your SmartScents sticks into four sections and slide them into the holder for continuous scent in your car, or even hanging them in your closet for fresh-smelling clothes.

How to use

  1. Open your package of SmartScents and take out however many sticks you’d like to use.
  2. If you want to customise your intensity use the scored edges to break off pieces of your stick.
  3. Place your stick into a permanent or mobile Holder.
  4. Enjoy up to 30 days of fragrance!

Start with one stick and add more for increased fragrance, always use them with our SmartScents by PartyLite™ Holders. Each stick is scored to divide easily into five pieces to offer you a customisable fragrance, a full stick gives you a stronger scent but breaking it up means you can bring down the intensity and make it last longer.

Made of paper from sustainable forests, SmartScents sticks are perfect for when you want a welcoming fragrance in your home with no liquid or oil and no mess to clean up after. Even better, our SmartScents come in resealable ziplock packaging, which means they will stay their perfectly aromatic fresh best for up to a year until you want to use them. If you love to layer your fragrances and create a Signature Scent, we recommend using up to three different aromas to achieve your perfect scent.

PartyLite SmartScents are available in all of our best-selling fragrances, including our Fresh Home by PartyLite™ odour-neutralising scents.

If you love no-spill easy to clean fragrance that you can take anywhere, SmartScents are the form you won’t want to miss out on.

PartyLite AromaPure Car Air Freshener


Made to be enjoyed on the go, AromaPure™ is the perfect fragrance for the fast lane. But it’s not just limited to your car, this is a versatile product that can be brought indoors to add long-lasting fragrance to your home. Simply start with the PartyLite Car Freshener (that comes with a vent clip, lanyard and adjustable slider), pick from one of our ten available fragrances made of paper from sustainable forests, then enjoy 45 days of PartyLite aroma.

How to use

  1. Remove the top off the AromaPure Car Freshener.
  2. Take an AromaPure pod and place it inside the Freshener.
  3. Adjust the vent using the slider to fragrance your way.
  4. Attach it to your car vent.
  5. Enjoy a stunning PartyLite aroma.

Designed to keep your car fresh 24/7, the all-natural AromaPure comes in packs of two and is our strongest, longest-lasting flameless fragrance. The vent clip allows you to permeate the fragrance throughout your car thanks to the air flow, plus the adjustable slider means you can balance the intensity however you want. The AromaPure Freshener also comes fully accessorised meaning you can personalise it thanks to our range of magnets and stunning Swarovski™ crystal decorations.

The three different clip and lanyard attachments also mean you can place it on your car air flow unit or even in your wardrobe to keep your clothes smelling deliciously fragrant.

The AromaPure comes in our six best-selling fragrances, which are Sun-Kissed Linen, Tamboti Woods, Mulberry, Fig Fatale, Marshmallow Vanilla and Iced Snowberries™. They also come in five of our Fresh Home by PartyLite™ range of fragrances: Bergamot Geranium, Perfect Pet, Garden Herbs, Citrus Nectar and Lavender Sandalwood.

If you want the perfect flameless fragrance for the fast lane, why not sample our stunning range of AromaPure fragrances and matching Car Freshener now. 

PartyLite SmartBlends


SmartBlends™ are a liquid and wax-free way to enjoy your favourite fresh scents from PartyLite. With an instant fragrance as soon as you open the jar, this versatile product can be heated with our SmartBlends Warmers or ScentGlow® Warmers in order to make the fragrance throw more intense for longer when used with heat. Perfect for the kitchen when you’re cooking with ingredients like onions or garlic or to neutralise any bad bathroom smell.

How to use

  1. Open the SmartBlend pot.
  2. Pour the fragrance into the cap, before pouring into the holder of your Warmer, repeat to get the aroma throw you desire.
  3. Turn the Warmer on to enjoy up to 60 hours of fresh fragrance!
  4. Turn off the Warmer. Once the SmartBlend has cooled simply throw the pieces away.

SmartBlends are made of paper from sustainable forests, they are an easy and mess free way to banish bad odours from your home thanks to our Fresh Home by PartyLite™ scents. SmartBlends use NEOFRESH® technology to replace bad odours with constant freshness, you’ll enjoy 60 hours of fresh fragrance from just two capfuls. 

NEOFRESH is our odour-neutralising technology, it’s a natural way to combat bad smells using a formula that harnesses the power of natural ingredients and essential oils. 

No liquid means they are easy to clean after use, simply throw the paper away once you’re finished with them. Their versatility means you can use them with our range of Warmers, so can be enjoyed at home using a ScentGlow Warmer to match your style or a SmartBlend Warmer with a smooth metallic finish.

The SmartBlend range is available in five of our Fresh Home by PartyLite fragrances: Bergamot Geranium, Lavender Sandalwood, Perfect Pet, Garden Herbs and Tropical Breeze.

Want no-spill simple to clean instant freshness? Make sure to get a SmartBlends fragrance today!

Shop all our flameless fragrances from the comfort of your home today, or find out more about our full Spring-Summer 2020 collection here.