Flameless Fragrance - SmartBlends

PartyLite SmartBlends


SmartBlends™ are a liquid and wax-free way to enjoy your favourite fresh scents from PartyLite. With an instant fragrance as soon as you open the jar, this versatile product can be heated with our SmartBlends Warmers or ScentGlow® Warmers in order to make the fragrance throw more intense for longer when used with heat. Perfect for the kitchen when you’re cooking with ingredients like onions or garlic or to neutralise any bad bathroom smell.

How to use

  1. Open the SmartBlend pot.
  2. Pour the fragrance into the cap, before pouring into the holder of your Warmer, repeat to get the aroma throw you desire.
  3. Turn the Warmer on to enjoy up to 60 hours of fresh fragrance!
  4. Turn off the Warmer. Once the SmartBlend has cooled simply throw the pieces away.

SmartBlends are made of paper from sustainable forests, they are an easy and mess free way to banish bad odours from your home thanks to our Fresh Home by PartyLite™ scents. SmartBlends use NEOFRESH® technology to replace bad odours with constant freshness, you’ll enjoy 60 hours of fresh fragrance from just two capfuls. 

NEOFRESH is our odour-neutralising technology, it’s a natural way to combat bad smells using a formula that harnesses the power of natural ingredients and essential oils. 

No liquid means they are easy to clean after use, simply throw the paper away once you’re finished with them. Their versatility means you can use them with our range of Warmers, so can be enjoyed at home using a ScentGlow Warmer to match your style or a SmartBlend Warmer with a smooth metallic finish.

The SmartBlend range is available in nine of our Fresh Home by PartyLite fragrances: Bergamot Geranium, Lavender Sandalwood, Perfect Pet, Garden Herbs, Tropical Breeze, Aloe Eucalyptus, Citrus Nectar, Apple Balsam and our NEW Cotton Breeze.

Want no-spill simple to clean instant freshness? Make sure to get a SmartBlend fragrance today!