Flameless Fragrance - AromaPure



Made to be enjoyed on the go, AromaPure™ is the perfect fragrance for the fast lane. But it’s not just limited to your car, this is a versatile product that can be brought indoors to add long-lasting fragrance to your home. Simply start with the PartyLite Car Freshener (that comes with a vent clip, lanyard and adjustable slider), pick from one of our ten available fragrances made of paper from sustainable forests, then enjoy 45 days of PartyLite aroma.

How to use

  1. Remove the top off the AromaPure Car Freshener.
  2. Take an AromaPure pod and place it inside the Freshener.
  3. Adjust the vent using the slider to fragrance your way.
  4. Attach it to your car vent.
  5. Enjoy a stunning PartyLite aroma.

Designed to keep your car fresh 24/7, the all-natural AromaPure comes in packs of two and is our strongest, longest-lasting flameless fragrance. The vent clip allows you to permeate the fragrance throughout your car thanks to the air flow, plus the adjustable slider means you can balance the intensity however you want. The AromaPure Freshener also comes fully accessorised meaning you can personalise it thanks to our range of magnets and stunning Swarovski™ crystal decorations.

The three different clip and lanyard attachments also mean you can place it on your car air flow unit or even in your wardrobe to keep your clothes smelling deliciously fragrant.

The AromaPure comes in our six best-selling fragrances, which are Sun-Kissed Linen, Tamboti Woods, Mulberry, Fig Fatale, Marshmallow Vanilla and Iced Snowberries™. They also come in five of our Fresh Home by PartyLite™ range of fragrances: Bergamot Geranium, Perfect Pet, Garden Herbs, Citrus Nectar, Lavender Sandalwood and our new addition Cotton Breeze.

If you want the perfect flameless fragrance for the fast lane, why not sample our stunning range of AromaPure fragrances and matching Car Freshener now