Explore our Fragrance Families

At PartyLite we’re proud to bring you only the absolute best in home fragrance, always developing the blends we offer and the forms they come in.

Each season we create a selection of Seasonal Fragrances to easily match and blend with our core collection of Everyday Fragrances, to match ingredients and fragrance notes with their most complementary blends.

Each PartyLite Fragrance belongs to one of five Fragrance Families. Understanding the Fragrance Families will help you understand the scents that you love the most.


Invigorate the senses and breathe in uplifting, airy scents. Fresh fragrances take inspiration from crisp scent notes to lift any home instantly. Adding a refreshing, cooling palette of scents to any room, our fresh fragrances are ever popular with people who love that invigorating fragrance feel.


Set free a burst of mouth-wateringly juicy fragrance. Changing with the seasons to take cues from the spring hedgerow to the summer tropics, through to autumn orchards, a rich bounty of fruits take centre stage in these fragrance types. Ranging from rich berry sweetness to zesty citrus notes to classic orchard favorites.


Like breathing in the sweet notes of nature’s bounty. Floral fragrances are just what you expect, built around a key floral ingredient at their core. From exotic jungle florals to delicately comforting English garden roses, these fragrances can transport you instantly to a bouquet of aromatic petal-strewn blends.


Truly delectable and almost good enough to eat! Gourmand fragrances are defined by their edible fragrance notes. From sweet marshmallow to delightful spices and nuts, light these up and they’re good enough to eat. Gourmand fragrances are great for those who love a rush of childhood nostalgia, and especially popular in the autumn and winter season. A feast of fragrance.


Luxurious aromas from unexpected sources collide in a sensory rush. Our exotic fragrances are designed to surprise and delight, showcasing unusual ingredients you’ll love to dress your home in. From tobaccos and wood notes to musks, resin and rich incense, these have to be experienced to be believed.

Our fragrance experts love to match certain combinations together - fresh fragrances work beautifully with exotic, fruits with florals and gourmand with exotic. But the true beauty of our scents is that perfect combinations can be created from any two fragrances you love together. It’s all about your own touch.

Now you’ve seen more on how our fragrances come to be so indulgent and delicious, why not try a brand new combination from this season’s range? Your next favourite might be a blend that you never expected.