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Love Home Fragrance? Get started!
Make money by promoting your passion for PartyLite products on your social media network.
Sounds easy. It is

Shop online. Share online. Sell online.
Step 1
Use our brand new e-commerce website to make shopping for your favourite PartyLite Home Fragrances and Home Decor quicker, simpler and more enjoyable.
Step 2
Join the PartyLite Affiliate Program, it not only saves you money on everything you buy, it opens the door to the opportunity to turn your social network into your very own successful E-business. Share your passion for PartyLite and start selling today.

Kickstart your Career
kick-start your career
Become a VIP Affiliate
Work when, where and how you want to by sharing your passion for PartyLite on all your social channels. Our commission system means that more you share, the more you sell the more you earn.
The PartyLite community is full of people powering their own businesses and they're just waiting for you to join them.

Suit Yourself
Shop your favourite PartyLite products, make big money savings or kickstart your very own E-business.
Suit Yourself
Weekly payments. No Hidden Fees. Website included in one annual fee. Flat rate and Free shipping model.

It's easy to earn as a VIP Affiliate All you have to do is share your passion and earn commission from your sales
Online Orders

(Monthly Sales Net GST)

Commission Percentage Profit


$0 - $399.99 15% Up to $60.00
$400.00 - $1999.99 20% Up to $400.00
$2000.00 - $4499.99 25% Up to $1125.00
$4500.00 - $7499.99 30% Up to $2250.00
$7500 + 35% $2625.00 upwards
Commission profits accrued weekly. Final payment monthly.

Affiliate FAQs
Our new Affiliate Business Model allows you to earn commission by sharing your Unique Affiliate Link to our new website. In this new model, you would be paid based on sales volume through a simple commission structure. You can also add Affiliates to your team and make commission on their sales.
This new model will allow you to control your own business without any pressure to maintain your rank or manage others. As a PartyLite Affiliate, you will get paid in return for your sales efforts - you sell, you earn. It’s that simple! This means you can run your business from anywhere, at your convenience.
When you join, you will receive a Unique Affiliate Link that will allow you to share and sell PartyLite products. As an Affiliate, you will receive a 20% discount on any products you purchase. If someone makes a purchase using your link, you will receive a commission based on the amount you sell. To see the simple multi-tier commission structure, review our Affiliate Guide.
Yes! We offer a simple business model so you can share your candle obsession with others and get paid 5% on your Level 1 Affiliate personal and customer volume – 5% is based on Sales net of GST. 5% Level 1 commission will be paid in the month end profit cheque run. Level 1 Commission is paid out only if the Affiliate has a minimum Customer Volume (Sales net of GST) of $100 in orders.
A VIP Affiliate is someone who has Level 1 Affiliates who they have personally sponsored.
As a VIP Affiliate, you’ll get all the benefits of being a PartyLite Affiliate and have the opportunity to receive 5% commission on any Level 1 Affiliate you bring into your business after you reach a minimum of $100 in Customer Volume (Sales net of GST) each month.
To share a deep link which highlights a specific product, please include your Unique Affiliate ID in the URL. For example: When sharing a link to your customers, or promoting it through social media, it is also a good idea to check the link is your Unique Affiliate Link includes your First and Last name in the format above.
As part of our simple commission structure, you earn each time you sell. You can explore how much commission you could earn based on your monthly sales volumes check the Affiliate Guide.
You will receive a Unique Affiliate Link when you sign up. This URL is unique to only you and will lead your Customers to the PartyLite website, where they can shop under your account. When customers buy from your Unique Affiliate Link you will receive commissions from those sales.

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