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Fresh Home by PartyLite™ Tropical Breeze Universal Tealight® Candles


Create ambiance with soft fragrance and multiplepoints of light.Burn time: 4-6 hours

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Add something extra to your scented tealight candles with this 12-pack infused with a favourite Fresh Home fragrance. Our Tropical Breeze fragrance is formulated with NEOFRESH® technology, banishing bad odours and leaving behind the fresh tropical tradewinds scent of salted citrus, coconut and guava nectar with orange blossom and vanilla.

  • Fragrance
  • Color
    Product Color
  • Material
    Wax, plastic cup
  • Form
  • Intensity
    Eliminate unwanted odours with our revitalizing Fresh Home fragrances, featuring NEOFRESH® Technology.
  • Burn time
    4-6 hours
  • Dimensions
    2x4 cm
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