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Our Fragrances

Developed in collaboration with world leading perfumers, we bring you the best in home fragrance every season. From best-sellers to new scent trends, all made from the finest ingredients.
Fragrance forms
Find the perfect fragrance delivery for your home, in every room. Top quality candles in all shapes and sizes, plus an innovative selection of flameless forms you'll love.
Fragrance Intensity
From light to bold, and even odour-neutralising formulas, our selection of fragrances has something for everyone. Find the right fit from unscented up to enticingly complex aromas.
When you want to add a warm, no-fragrance glow to your home.
Eliminate unwanted odours with our revitalizing Fresh Home fragrances, featuring NEOFRESH® Technology.
When you want to add a little light fragrance to the air that everyone will like.
When you want to make a sophisticated statement with a more elevated fragrance.
When it's time to be confident, complex and courageous.
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