Hosting a PartyLite Party is Easy!

Hosting a PartyLite Party is Easy!

Your Consultant helps you with everything you need, from ready-made invitations to plenty of encouragement, ensuring that your Party is a success and, most importantly, fun and relaxing for you.

Hear what some of our hosts love about PartyLite parties.

“I Love topping up my favourite supplies and catching up with friends - how time flies.” Host, Merryn Hare

“I am not one to usually Host Parties, but after attending my first and only PartyLite Party, I could not resist! The PartyLite range takes "candles" to a new level - gorgeous scents and a stunning classy range! I bought many pieces at my first Party … I will recommend PartyLite products to all my friends.” Host, Kylie de Somer

“First of all I love all that PartyLite offers!! There is a scent that suits everyone. Most of all the ability for a friendly Consultant to join myself and my beautiful friends, and showcase your wonderful product in a relaxed atmosphere.” Host, Leanne Stecko

“When I mention PartyLite all my friends come together. They bring their children to play while we are entertained by the Consultant. We drink, we eat, we laugh and most of all we buy PartyLite. THANK YOU PARTYLITE WE LOVE YOU!” Host, Donna Kratzmann

“I love that PartyLite gave me the opportunity to catch up with friends over a glass of bubbly. We did what we girls do best, Shop. Luscious smells, Beautiful, Quality products, loads of laughs in the comfort of home...Bliss!” Host, Donna Kochaniewicz

“I was not into PartyLite candles at all!!! After Hosting my 1st Party it drew all my family and friends together for a wonderful time to chat, eat and check out all the candle specials and there were some amazing things to pick from. I am hooked on candle Parties now and love to Host them.” Host, Tahnee Thorburn

“What I most love about PartyLite is it is a good chance to catch up with friends. When you Host a party, you receive great rewards and incentives at the same time. They have a vast range of fragrances to suit each room of my house and each time I have received quality products to my satisfaction.” Host, Tracy Dawson

“What I love most about ParyLite is getting together with my friends. We enjoy food, wine and a beautiful display of quality candles and accessories. The house smells divine and it's a great way to enjoy a Sunday afternoon.” Host, Cindy Chynoweth

“I love the awesome Host rewards offered by PartyLite, but what I love most is the quality of the products. Being new to PartyLite I cannot wait to continue celebrating as I illuminate and decorate my home thank you.” Host, Jane Coleman