Hosting a PartyLite Party is Easy!

Your Consultant helps you with everything you need—from ready-made invitations to plenty of encouragement—ensuring that your Party is a success and, most importantly, fun and relaxing for you.

Why would you recommend that someone HOST A PartyLite Party?


Leader NSW

Would you love to go shopping for FREE?

Do you adore our fragrances and accessories? Your favourite fragrances and accessories could be yours for FREE and at a discounted price.

Why not host a PartyLite Party with your friends, family & neighbours, a fun social event for all, they will truly appreciate that you introduced them to this beautiful product. Enhance your life and decorate your home with PartyLite by booking your Party today.

Leader WA

Hosting a PartyLite Party is a great experience. We have a generous rewards programme that enables you to earn products for free. Sharing PartyLite products with friends is rewarding for everyone with great Guest and Host specials, unique quality products for pampering yourselves, decorating your homes and finding that perfect gift. You can have fun with your friends and share our beautiful products all from the comfort of your armchair

Leader VIC

Hosting a PartyLite Party gives you the opportunity to see the stunning range of accessories, as well as smell the many platinum quality candles with exclusive fragrances which are available. Better still - you could receive a lot of your "wish list" for FREE or heavily discounted. Contact your Consultant to book in your Party date, study the catalogue, get your Wish List started and look forward to your FREE shopping spree!

Leader NSW

PartyLite offers incredibly generous Host benefits, which is probably why most people book a Party. But there's more. You and your guests will learn about candle care, use, and benefits, home decorating tips, and how important fragrance is in our everyday lives in a relaxed, informative, and fun environment.

Most people say that they never knew there was so much to know. I love sharing my passion for candles, home decorating and home fragrance... we all do!

Leader, QLD

As a previous customer of PartyLite, as well as now a Consultant and Leader, my experience with "why" a person Host's a Party is similar to why I used to enjoy hosting my parties.

Firstly, I loved the product and I enjoyed receiving FREE accessories and wax from hosting my own Parties. I enjoyed having my friends over for a fun, informal, no pressure afternoon or evening where we got to see the new products, smell the new fragrances, have a glass of wine or a cup of tea and just enjoy each other's company in a fun environment.

My own customers tell me that they hold their Parties for the same reasons - they love receiving FREE products whether it's a new accessory or a top-up of their wax, they enjoy the fun atmosphere and they continue to re-book because above all they love the product.