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So many of our Consultants have chosen to transform their careers, their lives and themselves, and we are grateful to be a part of the process. We invite you to read a few of their stories and sample some of their energy, enthusiasm and professionalism for yourself.

Ci Challenor, VIC

“I’m a heart-centred entrepreneur and was looking for a community oriented organisation that combines business with social, community based business ethics. Once I saw all the charities PartyLite is now supporting and my Upline told me about the system changes, I thought, WOW! All these choices make joining PartyLite so easy!”

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Wendy Jones

Wendy's PartyLite career started from humble beginnings in 2008 whilst working 2 other jobs. A few years later she was making enough money with PartyLite to be able to quit her casual job, and by 2014 she was able to quit her full-time job as well, and make PartyLite her full-time career. PartyLite has helped Wendy overcome her fear of public speaking, and this year she proved this by standing up on stage in front of hundreds of people to tell her inspiring story.

Watch it here.

Hayley Chester


“My 38 hour a week office job is a thing of the past now as I have been a full-time Consultant for over 3 years, which I never thought would have been imaginable. This wouldn’t be possible without the fabulous income that PartyLite provides for us, purely by doing something that we really love. I have met the most incredible people that I wouldn’t have crossed paths with if it wasn’t for my PartyLite business and for that I am forever grateful”.

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Nikki Bruechert


Nikki joined PartyLite in December 2009 and reflects on her journey to Leadership and the benefits being with PartyLite has awarded her.“I love being a Leader with PartyLite – it provides me with more income, more opportunities and more rewards – both tangible and personal.”

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Cynthia Schonhardt

Cynthia joined the Party 15 years ago when PartyLite first landed in Australia and has never looked back! “PartyLite has given me the best gift that anything could give... Freedom to choose my hours, time to devote to my family and beautiful grandchildren and money to spend on them. But most of all it’s made me grow, become confident, and given me lifelong friends.”

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In April we asked our Facebook followers to tell us why they love PartyLite, and this is what some of them said.

We heard from Customers, Hosts and Consultants, showing the great diversity of what PartyLite has to offer; from the gorgeous products to the incredible business opportunity. PartyLite is what you make it!

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PartyLite helps you start a business that fits your lifestyle so you can achieve your dreams. Click here to hear from four Consultants who get paid to Party and have changed their lives with PartyLite. If you love PartyLite, you can make it into a business by becoming a Consultant. Now is your golden opportunity to Find your Signature in Life, like these four have.

Sara Carter


“I’ve always been a candle lover, and I just fell in love with PartyLite’s fragrances – so I joined PartyLite as a Consultant in 2015 to pay for my wedding and for some extra income. The incentives that PartyLite offer their Consultants really helped too – I received nearly $2,000 in products and Gift Certificates in July 2016 by achieving several promotions. Best of all, there’s so much support and I’ve met some amazing friends through PartyLite who now, are like a family.”

Read Sara’s full story here

Vicky Piggott

North QLD

“I started PartyLite in 2005 to give me flexibility around my young children and their sport. I now have only one child left at school and I can still work my PartyLite business around my part-time job as a nurse and now my sport. I started like everyone else with my free kit and have since had 6 wonderful overseas trips and still loving the lifestyle PartyLite gives me. I especially treasure all the wonderful people I have met through the business and lifelong friends I have made.”

Judi Hancock


“I started my PartyLite business 12 years ago as a way of having a better work/life balance, never dreaming it could take me as far as it has. I earn a great income sharing the most amazing products in a fun, relaxed and friendly home environment – I literally get paid to party. Sharing the benefits my PartyLite business has given me and can bring to someone else is what I love. A flexible work schedule, recognition and amazing rewards for effort, friendships, the satisfaction of achievement and personal growth…I’m in charge of my own destiny. And best of all, I can make a difference in the lives of others – one candle at a time.”

Colleen Tito


“Working fulltime as an Electrician, I joined PartyLite thinking ‘what have I got to lose, it costs nothing to get started’. All I needed to do was dedicate time for Parties. I am now a full time Candle Lady and can honestly say that I love my job! From the recognition and support from head office, to the amazing friendships all over Australia and 5 star holidays, PartyLite continues to change my life.”

Donna Muller


“My love of PartyLite started one week prior to the birth of my 3rd daughter when I found myself at a PartyLite party. I could never have anticipated that just three months later, I was on my own PartyLite journey. I mean, why not? I figured that this was a chance to have some ‘me’ time, save money on my growing PartyLite addiction and meet new people.

What a ride it has been! Not only have I made a successful little business for myself, on my terms, but I have also had the chance to make lifelong friends, be a part of a supportive and rewarding company, listen to inspiring stories of success and participate in amazing experiences. One of the best decisions I have ever made!”

Angela McCoubrie


“10 years ago I took a leap of faith and left a full time job to become an Independent PartyLite Consultant and I am so very glad that I did. The flexibility to work from home, earn an amazing income and be there for my kids was a win-win for me. The icing on the cake is the support, the recognition, the friendships and the rewards that include a free overseas holiday every year! I love being my own boss. The best decision I ever made.”

Margaret Smith


“Partylite has given me a ‘perfect career’, fantastic income, free overseas trips every year, recognitions for just doing my ‘job’ and meeting so many people that have become friends for life. It is flexible, easy and most importantly fun. I work my business around my personal life and family, giving myself a raise whenever I want. So why not join an amazing company who supports you 100%.”

Amanda Stevens


“I don't know how many people can truly say they love their job, but I certainly do. PartyLite for me is about the magic inside all of us to achieve great things. I love the friendships, the financial choices and confidence PartyLite has given me. Life is what you make it, so why not make it better and beautiful with PartyLite.”

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