We are both comfortably familiar and entirely unique

We Are Both Comfortably Familiar and Entirely Unique.

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of other products sold at home parties. Maybe you’ve even been to some of them. And maybe it seems as if that’s what PartyLite is all about, too. Well, yes and no. Certainly there are products, and there are parties, but for us it means much more than making a sale. It’s about giving people the inspiration to change their lives and to fulfil their dreams—for Consultants, for Hosts and for Guests. And we believe this begins with ambience.

Ambience Has the Power to Transform Rooms and Lives.

Ambience is about how you feel in your surroundings: peaceful, comfortable and happy. And this feeling comes from the quality only PartyLite can offer. We’re not just talking about our home fragrances and accents, but the quality of life PartyLite brings to Consultants, Hosts, Guests and communities all over the world. Because we believe you deserve to live your dreams, whatever they may be. And we give you a very real path to make it happen, whatever your background, budget or needs.

Thrive with an Exceptional Host Opportunity.

We’ve created an unparalleled Host Program for the wonderful people who open their hearts and homes to PartyLite. Hosts are special to PartyLite—best friends to our business and ambassadors of our wonderful home fragrances and accents to their family and friends. That’s a pretty important role and so we offer them some pretty wonderful rewards. After all, giving has always been something we love to do.

All of Our Business Is Personal.

We offer our products only through PartyLite Consultants and catalogues. That means our Hosts and Guests receive personal service and the opportunity to build a lasting relationship. You certainly never see that in a retail store!

We Believe in Responsibility for Our Company and Our Environment.

PartyLite fosters a culture that promotes environmental sustainability and responsibility. PartyLite is adopting the environmental principles of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle throughout its operations. All PartyLite locations around the world actively recycle materials ranging from paper and plastic to cardboard and even batteries. Through the use of energy-efficient technology, power usage has been reduced. PartyLite will continue to increase its efforts to be good environmental stewards.

Find your Signature. At Home. In Life.

Find your Signature. At Home. In Life.
If you’re interested in finding out more about becoming a Consultant or Host, or you want to learn about attending a Party, you’ve come to the right place. Your Consultant can provide more information on all the opportunities PartyLite offers.

Discover New Home Fragrances and Accents.

Discover New Home Fragrances and Accents.
Creating ambience with PartyLite is easy, affordable and truly transforming. After all, you deserve to love the space you’re in.